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Hair Extension Maintenance

Microlink hair extensions, like all other methods require maintenance on the daily basis. The good news is that is you sleep with your hair in a ponytail or wrapped, and you own a loop brush, that’s about 90% of your daily hair extension maintenance.


Detangle hair before washing, from the ends up. Hold your hair firmly when combing. Remember your extensions are attached to your own natural hair, pulling too hard or mistreating your extensions can result in your own hair being pulled out. Use a deep moisturizing shampoo. Massage the scalp gently, work your way in a single direction, as this will help minimize tangles. Rinse hair with cool water and be careful to remove all shampoo. Pat hair dry with a microfiber towel or a T-shirt will work in a pinch.


Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable. Be sure to use a moisture conditioner.

Condition with deep conditioner or leave in conditioner.

Brushing / Combing

Brush your hair extensions two times a day with a brush made for extensions and wigs. Brush the ends of your extensions gently first, then work your way toward the link, brushing in a downward motion. Avoid pulling or tugging the hair, especially near the link.


Be careful with the use of hair dryers. It is best to let your hair dry naturally, or roller set. Detangling combs are best following washing, and when hair is wet dry with a microfiber towel. Brushing is best only after hair is completely dry. (I roller set my extensions)


Use the lowest heat possible when hot curling. One of the main advantages of virgin Indian hair is the thicker, healthy, unblemished cuticle. Too-hot curling irons will damage the locks, leading to splitting, breakage, and loss of luster. And since Indian hair is generally straight anyway, you won’t need a “hard” hold to your new barrel curls – so go easy and set your iron to only half strength! When roller setting, use rollers that won’t pull or snag your locks too much. That means avoid brush and Velcro rollers, which can pick apart your hair extensions, and try to use magnetic, flex foam, or other rollers that don’t require sticks or pins to secure them.


Braid or put in a soft ponytail using a scrunchie not a rubber band before going to bed at night. Comb your extensions with an extension brush at least twice a day. Sleeping on a satin pillow case will help minimize split ends as well.

Do Not...

Do not use oils on your extensions, an oil free serum is more ideal to add shine.

Do not go to sleep with your hair wet. That will promote tangling.

Do not keep your extensions in longer than 3 months.

Do not apply chemical such as a relaxer and color on your own. Seek professional service.

Do not remove your extensions on your own!

What products can I use?

You can use Moose, Gel and Hairspray, but be sure that the products are alcohol free as alcohol is a drying agent. You can always find these types of products online if you can’t find them in the store you like to shop at. Stay away from Shines, Sheens and oils. In between shampoos, a leave in spray conditioner is great, especially on the ends.

How often should I get my hair extensions maintained?

You should schdule your maintenance appointment around the 6-week period.

With proper TLC you will be able to enjoy your extensions for weeks to come!