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The Strand by Strand Method

for the most natural look

Introducing... Microlink Hair Extensions

A Revolutionary Hair Extension System!

MicroLink Hair Extensions

A strand by strand method that is a much more natural looking method. Strand by strand is the latest rage in long lasting hair enhancement techniques and also the safest hair extension method available today. You can get subtle highlights, fantasy colors, textures and ravishing length without the use of heat, glue, braiding, sewing or chemicals.

Also known as the Micro Bead Extensions, I-tip, and Strand by Strand method. Microlink Hair Extensions are the most natural looking and comfortable to wear. Your hair and the human Remy hair strand are inserted through a cylinder tube and crimped together. Elegantly giving you the length, volume and highlights that you desire.
Your hair stays in perfect condition safely “cocooned” inside the tiny tube and continues to grow as normal. So, when the time comes to take them out, your own hair will be in just as good a condition as the day we put them in.


There is no tension, stretching, chemicals or high heat used in the application or the removal process. That means your hair is left undamaged and healthy. Relax, you can improve your look with confidence.

Feel sexy for your next big event or just feel sexy every day. Whether a wedding or a “messy” bun while out shopping, you’ll have complete confidence in knowing that your hair day is fabulous!

faviconMicroLink Hair Extensions
are the hottest rage in the longer lasting hair enhancement technique methods. If you’re looking for quality hair extensions, you have arrived! Join the revolution that has helped so many individuals achieve their hair vision! This, in combination with my expertise and skill level allows for your sexy hair dreams to finally become a reality.

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