Micro Link Hair Extensions

Hassle-free micro link hair extensions

Need to level up your hair extensions?

Beauty Redesigin micro link hair extensions

You need a hair extension system that behaves like your own hair, your busy and don’t

have time to sit in a salon.


*Bonus: I Bring Beauty To You!

Why Micro Link Hair Extensions?

  • Ultra Versatile

  • Lightweight

  • Undetectable

Look professional and feel sexy at the same time.


Microlinks is the answer.

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Beauty ReDesign Mobile Microlink Hair Extensions Atlanta

You’ve searched Google 20x’s and can’t find anyone who does Micro link Hair Extensions in your area.

Plus, “Where do I buy the damn hair?!” ugh!


I can fix that.

“I’m Mobile in Atlanta”.

“Yes, I also supply the hair”.

How does it all work?

Hassle-free, From Start to Finish. Just 3 Steps

The Process

Digital Registration

Fill in the client form, online anytime 24/7 then book a Google Meet on my calendar. It’s fast & easy.

online consultation form

Online Consultation

Complimentary of course. Yep! 30 minutes of Q and A where I explain everything you can expect and email you notes.

Book Your Install

Use my calendar to digitally schedule what works. Note: Orders are custom and can take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Microlinks.   Done.   Different.


This could be you and me.

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Microlinks ~ Atlanta

[Custom Color & Textures]


micro link hair extensions

The Collections

Decide what kind of hair will work best for you and your budget.

Remy Collection Cuticle Intact:

Highest quality Remy Hair.

Brazilian | Afro textures | Euro Textures

Virgin Collection Cuticle Intact:

Highest quality Raw Virgin Hair.

Russian | Euro textures | Indian textures

Higher quality hair is an investment that pays off as the hair lasts longer, looks and feels better.

Explore my mobile workstation.

Better Maintenance Products.

April was amazing! She’s very personable and professional. She’s mobile so it’s very convenient to get your hair done at your own house 🙂

I will be booking with her again!

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Popular questions I’ve been asked…

How long do micro links last?

10 -12 weeks with proper care and maintenance (I’m talking about your normal maintenance routine). The strands last longer, so they can be reused.

Am I a good candidate?

Let’s chat! The first thing you need to do is fill in the client questionnaire then you will land on my calendar page. Set your time and I’ll be there! Or check out my article here.

How much do micro links cost?

Fair question. I offer two different packages (Hair Grades). Remy Cuticle Hair (3-6 mo – 1-2 uses) & Virgin Cuticle Hair (6-12mo – 3-4 uses). They are very different in price point. It’d be easier to discuss in “person”.  A (100% online) consultation is needed to determine your best options and price.

How do I remove micro links?

So… there is a tool that you could buy to remove the hair extension system, however, it is highly recommended that you allow me to remove them.

What's the best hair for micro links?

It boils right down to the basics. The texture that matches you best is the best for you. Take a look at the textures in the shop.


I’m April.


Want a Mobile Stylist? You should have 5-star service even at home.


Because you work, travel, commute and grind, your time is limited and valuable. I can work with that.



I provide custom-made to order hair packages, alongside mobile services for your personal privacy and convenience.


I’d like the opportunity to be part of your glam squad. Don’t have one? You could, affordably!

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