Borrow My Color Ring!

Over 300 color creations

Get A Custom Color Match At Home

Online images can be a bit decieving. Using a color ring is by far the best way to ensure an accurate color match, especially for newbies. Not your first rodeo? Do you already have an idea of what colors you normally order just not sure what colors I have? Well, I have a solution for you. Just borrow my ring.

Do I Really Need The Ring?

Lighting settings on your computer, phone, and in pictures can alter the appearance of hair colors. You can send me a picture of your hair in natural light for an online consultation. Color Matching by email or online cannot be guaranteed. To ensure a perfect match, you will need a consultation or use a color ring. See the “how to” video below.

Mix & Match Colors

I have access to almost unlimited choices from stunning natural shades to extravagant bright colors. Ombre combinations and highlight combinations are also included in the spectrum fun! Don’t let the little ring fool you, it’s a color explosion at your fingertips.

Step 1

Purchase a color ring and find your perfect match at home.

Step 2

Choose a solid color or choose 2 colors for a more custom blend and fill out inclosed order form

Step 3

Return within 14 days with my enclosed return label and get a full credit or refund

Get The Ring

Color Ring must be returned to my mailing address (return label will be enclosed), no later than 14 calendar days (this is FIRM) after the ring arrived at your door based on tracking information. Once I get it back (same condition) I will issue you credit for the full amount of the cost of the ring (shipping excluded) that you can use towards the purchase of your new hair extensions.

OK, Sounds Good!

Watch the “how to” video below to get the perfect match.

OK, What's The Fine Print?

Once you order a color ring and you find your perfect color match of hair extensions, you’ll get a full return credit (shipping not included) towards your new hair extensions. If you keep it past 14 days (based on delivery date from online tracking information) no problem, it’s yours to keep. I will considerate purchased. Participation in this program is completely voluntary.

Can you keep a secret?

Secret Sales Are Only Announced To My Email Subcribers.