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You’ve heard good things about these microlinks and you want to learn more about them, and more specifically, are they a good fit for you? No problem, I’m here to help with your questions. And I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible and not complicate a not so simple answer. Let’s examine a few truths to help you determine if you’d like to move forward.

Fact: Not every hair type is suitable

If you’ve already called around your local salons and tried to ask the most frequently asked question; “how much do they cost?”, I’m sure the voice on the other line was mildly assertive while informing you that a consultation would be required before a price could be given to you. Sound familiar? Well, it’s important to understand what hair types AND conditions are not appropriate for “links” when considering if you’re a good candidate for microlinks.

Short hair VS Long hair

How short is short? So for me, a minimum of 4 inches works best. This is the amount of length that will be used to cover the row of beads underneath at the top of your head. However, this rule does not apply to curly textures (which is a whole nother world of rules actually). But let’s continue to focus on length for coverage, the longer your hair, the more it will blend into the extensions.

Silky VS Textured

Silky and slippery when wet? Microlink beads are silicone lined, so even if you can’t wait 3 days between washings, they can stay in place with little effort. Blow drying is even possible with some mindful tips to know. Overall, it’s perfect for your hair type, and of course, your hair condition will still matter.

Textured, let me count the ways?! Let’s start here, to keep things simple if you are relaxed and use heat to style your hair, Microlinks are perfect for you as well, and of course, your hair condition will still matter.
Natural kinky curly I-tip MicroLink strands have hit the market. …Slow down, they don’t love you like i love you. If your hair is super thick or dense WITH length, microlinks will not blend well. On the other side of that, if your hair is really short (4” or less), you are also a good candidate. Yes, there is a gray area between the pair. But more importantly, to note is the origin of the hair.

As you may already know, curly hair means more shedding, right? Uh, sometimes. Remy hair sheds, Virgin hair, not so much. We get Remy hair from china, and we get Raw Virgin hair from India (mostly). In short, they behave very differently. Not only does this affect the cost, but also needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about blending with your hair.

As you can see, a lot of considerations go into helping you achieve your desired look. A consultation is absolutely necessary. Book a free video consultation with me here. You’ll be asked a few questions about your hair type, then directed to my calendar to schedule your appintment.