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If you are looking for the best ways to achieve your hair goals, I-tip hair extensions may be ideal for you. They seamlessly blend with your natural hair, giving you a stunning more natural look.

If you want to know about I-tip extensions and their benefits, you need to read this article. Spare a few minutes, and you will know why these extensions are still the best.

What are I-tip Hair Extensions?

I-tip hair extensions are shoelace-like strands of human hair placed in a row on your natural hair. They are applied with a metal cylinder tube. They hold a small section of your hair and the i-tip hair extension inside the tube. Moreover, when the cylinder or tube is clamped closed, these extensions stay fixed for 2 or 4 months. After that, your stylist will reopen the cylinders and move the extensions up and get them reclamped closed.

Because of its longevity, many people prefer to opt for this method compared to others.

What Are the Benefits of I-tip Hair Extension?

The process of I-tip hair extensions’ installation doesn’t require glue, heat, and chemicals.

As the process doesn’t involve any hard sticking elements, the removal process is simple and easy. It only needs around one hour to completely take them off from your hairs. The simple removing process means no breakage of your real hairs.

Some micro rings contain an inner tube that has the formation of silicone. It helps to cushion your hairs as well as limits the compression damage to your hair.

Are I-tip Hair Extensions Convenient?

The miro link hair extensions method allows you to access the scalp easily. Unlike sew-in weaves, I-tip installations don’t require braiding down your natural hair under the extension. Furthermore, as it is without the braids, your real hair can easily move and breathe.

It also offers you more mobility. This means you can pull your hairs into a bun, ponytail, or topknot. Another amazing fact is, they are completely color and heat safe, so you can style your hair in any way you like. You can wash, curl, straight, and blowdry your I-tip hair extensions.

How to Care for I-Tip Beaded Extensions?

Like all the other types of extensions, you need to give a little bit of care to your hair extension. To find the best caring practices, you need to consult a stylist to understand hair care methods for extensions. Your professional may recommend you the following basic hair care tips to maintain your hairs’ texture and feel. So, here are the things that you need to do.

  • Use sulfate-free conditioners and shampoo.
  • Wear ponytails, up-dos, and messy buns loosely
  • Use heat protection while curling or straightening your hair
  • Go for bottom-up brushing methods

Bottom Line

I-tip hair extensions are best for people looking for a natural look and don’t want to affect their real hair’s quality. Not only will you get a beautiful make-over appearance by installing these hair extensions, but you can also prevent hair damage. What more could you ask for?



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