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Microlink Hair Extensions

The Complete Guide to Microlink Hair Extensions and How They are Changing the Hair Industry

What are Microlink Hair Extensions?

Microlink extensions are a type of hair extension that is made up of small, thin strands of hair that are clamped to your hair for volume and length. They are hair extensions that are applied by a professional stylist. The stylist uses a special tool to clip the microlinks to the natural hair, which gives the illusion of long, thick hair. They can be colored and treated like natural hair and the strands are reusable.

  • Easy to apply and remove with no damage to natural hair.
  • Can be washed and styled like regular hair.
  • Last for months or with proper care and maintenance.
  • Can be used on any type of hair, including *curly, straight, or thin (nano) strands.

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Us vs Them





The process of applying microlinks can be thought of as reaching into a jar. You reach in, grab the microlink, and then slide it through your natural hair. Since they are so small you do not need to braid or weave your hair to put them in. They can also be removed with a tiny pair of tweezers. There is a large variety of colors and sizes available as well, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.


How to Choose the Best Microlink Hair Extensions for Your Needs

It is important to know what type of hair you have, how much time you want to spend on your hair, and what your budget will be for these services. Microlinks are defiantly for the girl who needs a good hair day, every day commitment from her hair.

There are two many types of microlink extensions including: Braidless or Weft-locked and Individual Strand by Strand.

  • Braidless is not true microlinks, but rather weft hair installed with microbeads to secure the extension hair to yours.

  • Strand by Strand Extensions are free flowing and more natural looking. With complete versatility as you treat your extensions as you would you normal hair (just not as much tugging).

Us vs Them

Microlink Extensions vs. Other Types of Hair Extensions

Microlinks are small, strong, and easy to put in. They are also the most natural-looking hair extension system you can install.

They are not going to slip out like clip-ins, and are semi-permanent so you do have to worry about removing them at night.

No glue or ”Tape”, With tape-ins, a stylist would “sandwich your hair between two pieces of taped hair extension pieces and use a flat iron to heat up the tape. Additionally, you need an acetone-like product to remove them at the end of their life cycle.

A world apart from a sew-in (you’ll never be the same). You have complete access to your scalp for deep treatments and extreme flexibility with styling.

Fusion: JUST DON’T



What are the Benefits of Microlinks?

  • No heat or glue in application

  • No harsh chemicals

  • Suited for even the thinnest hair

  • More discrete installation

  • Versatile, more styling possibilities

  • More color matching possibilities for blending

  • If a piece falls out its OK, versus a larger weft (leaving a gap in your hairstyle)

  • Safe & Innovative Technology

  • Reusable hair

  • Promotes natural hair growth

  • Individual strand by strand installation

  • Full access to your scalp for hair treatments

Disadvantages may include:

  •  Time consuming (4-5 hours) depending on how much hair you’re installing

  •  Regular 6 week maintenance

  •  Beads may fade color with washing

  • Not a protective style

  • Professional installation only


Why You Should Consider Using Microlinks for Your Next Hair Extension Installment

Microlinks are simply the best hair extensions systems for every day or your greatest event! Now that they are in the main stream and more affordable, with the guidance of an experienced stylist you have a more flexible option for your hair extension regimen.

If your hair is very weak, fine or in a thinning condition, micro-link hair extensions should be avoided, because they may be too heavy against your follicles and can therefore can lead to unwanted hair loss, breakage or both. However, if your hair is in a healthy, strong state, the extensions — silky straight to very curly — can surely be applied.

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