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Microlinks on Natural Hair

[Yes, it’s possible] Microlinks on natural hair, when done right.

So you’ve heard about Microlink Hair Extensions and you want them.

However, your left with a burning question. Can they be applied to natural hair textures? You’ve seen videos that show the installation, but will it work on my hair? Is this all too good to be true? Can I wear microlinks on my natural hair?

Yes and No …🤔💭(but you said..)

It's Possible

I’m pretty sure it was knowing I was going to have a good hair day, every day that got me completely hooked on Microlinks. I was also getting used to the compliments that I would get on MY HAIR from strangers throughout the week. I was fooling everyone! Not to mention the confidence I felt, amazing! 🎊

I was mostly wrapping my hair at night and in the morning, I would apply a tiny bit of hair serum to my hands and finger comb. Fifteen minutes and I was done.⌚ It was clear to me, that I could never go back to a traditional sew-in and wigs are just not for me.


I needed to look natural and have plenty of versatility. To be fair, this was in my years of relaxing my hair. Over 10 years or so, my hair began to mature and it also broke down because of the chemical treatments I was applying.

I was also neglecting my natural hair while keeping my extensions “glossy and bouncy”. So I made a drastic decision to chop it off and start again from scratch. Let the natural journey begin. 😳


Table of Contents


Can I Wear Them


The Work Around


Bonding Treatment


What You Need To Know

As you already know, natural course (3a-4c) hair is always hard to manage no matter how much love we show to our beautiful curls. Caring for natural hair is defiantly a lifestyle. And some days I just can’t.

Can I Wear Them

“If only there was a way to have more versatile hair without the use of harsh chemicals that just break down my hair.” 😣

Where there’s a will…

Microlink extensions are the best application system when it comes to wear-ability hands down. However, it comes with a handful of challenges as well. As a stylist, I know that not everyone is a good candidate for them. One of the main concerns is blending. This is one of the reasons a consultation is always needed.

I endured ponytail days for what seemed like forever, then it hit me.💡After months of searching I finally formulated a Microlink Hair Extension Regimen that allowed me to keep the integrity of my natural hair texture.

Natural Hair Smoothing Treatment Learn More

And I was able to enjoy all the flexibility and versatility of my Microlink extensions and wear my hair straight all of the time without using a relaxer! 🎉

Now, let me show you how I do it.

The Work Around

So here’s the thing,

personally, I wasn’t as stuck on being natural as most women. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair, it’s wash day and stuff that I had an issue with.❤️‍🩹

My priority is being able to change my look as needed. As well as using the right products for my hair health.  I watched technology change the hair industry many times over the years. It was just a matter of time before relaxers would see its replacement. Eventually, I found a product that is not as damaging as a traditional relaxer and offers some serious benefits that tipped the decision point for me. ⚖️

As someone who not only specializes in Microlinks as a stylist but also a person who enjoys the natural look, I found a way to have my cake and eat it too!

OK, time for the secret sauce…  Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment 💗💗💗

Damila Amino Acid Hair Bonding Treatment

Wait, what?!

I use a Non-Toxic Bonding Treatment (amino acid smoothing) on my hair, and that was the day my life changed. 😍 My curls never looked and felt so good, and If I just touch them with a flat Iron, straight. If it rains outside, straight.

Bonding Treatment

"But I Don't Want To Relax My Hair"

Amino acid is not a relaxer.

And truly anyone can apply it and benefit from it. I get it. I was there. Loving my natural curls, especially when I used just the right product combination resulting in some sort of 🌱magic potion #5🪄 that I could never duplicate. If you’re a true natural, this may not be an option for you. But I was ready for my “happy medium”.

If you’ve never heard of an amino acid treatment before, you can check out this explainer video I found on YouTube… (she did a really good job making the video)

My problem with my natural hair was manageability. And I didn’t want to go back to traditional relaxers because of the harsh chemicals (…that part).

Soon my hair was too thick and long for Microlinks. This is why I would have had blending problems if I tried to wear them. 😟 But I didn’t give up looking for a new solution, after all, I love my links!

Hair striaghtening method

Soon my hair was too thick and long for Microlinks. This is why I would have had blending problems if I tried to wear them. 😟 But I didn’t give up looking for a new solution, after all, I love my links!

What You Need To Know

Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment

What the heck is it?

Are you now wondering, what this may look like on you?

Well, I can tell you, your coils will be more relaxed and moisturized if you choose to wear your hair as you normally do. The longer you leave the product on, the straighter it will become, where talking approximately, 15 minutes (slightly wavy) – 40 minutes (course).

  • 2A 2B Completely Straight
  • 3A- 4c you’ll have up to 60% more relaxed coils than your natural hair, plus easier to style
Amino Acid Bonding Treatment

Now before you get ready to jump all in, there are a few things to consider.

What makes amino acid treatment non-toxic?

A chemical called Formaldehyde. Or the presence of Formalin or Methylene glycol, because these ingredients can give off formaldehyde when heated past 450 degrees according to the FDA.

The brand I use is NON-Toxic, AND it’s DIY!

-Damila Keratin Treatment

-Formaldehyde Free

-At Home Straightening Treatment

The Techy Part:

An amino acid treatment for natural hair strengthens the disulfide bonds, also known as cysteine bonds, that determine the curliness of your hair.

Disulfide bonds will bend but not break, plus the effects are not permanent but will last 6-8 weeks.

amino acid hair bonding treatment

Hair bonds:

Your hair is made up of three keratin bonds that hold it together.

  • Disulfide bonds: These bonds are broken by bleach a chemical treatment like a relaxer
  • Salt bonds: These bonds are broken by pH imbalances which can be caused by something as minor as using hair products that are not for your hair type.

Hydrogen bonds: These bonds are broken by both moisture overload and heat.


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